Hill Lock (R) Serrated Hex Flange Screws

Designed for optimum versatility in application, TRAMEC Hill Fastener’s Hill-Lock® screws are ideal for most applications requiring self-locking fasteners.

Hill-Lock® Screws are engineered for applications where greater holding power is required.

Key Benefits

  • The patented serrations under the head are designed for versatility and virtually universal application.
  • The Hill-Lock® will seat and lock itself on painted, greasy, oily, irregular, smooth, or flat surfaces.
  • Hill-Lock® Screws are manufactured with a high wrenching height to promote high-speed driving assemblies and automated production.
  • Available as regular Flange Hill-Lock® Screw, Large Flange Hill-Lock® Screw, Metric Flange Hill-Lock® Screw in regular and heavy hex designs, Truss-Head Hill-Lock® Screws with slotted or cross-recess heads, and the HL-2 Thread Forming Screw, which combines the Hill-Lock® serrations with a Type-C thread-forming point.
  • Sizes range from #10 through 3/4” (M5-M20) diameters and lengths up to 7” (175mm).