Grade-8 Undercut Hex Flange Screws

Formed from high-grade alloy steel and heat treated to SAE Grade-8 mechanical requirements, these screws are dimensioned to IFI-111 specifications with the additional feature of a recessed fillet radius, or “undercut.” Hill Fastener offers these in all-inch standard diameters and lengths in both course and fine thread in either Phosphate & Oil or Plated & Baked finishes.

Key Benefits

  • Burrs from punched or drilled holes do not interfere with the bearing surface of the screw; therefore the holes do not have to be as precise or reamed out before inserting a bolt.
  • A uniform mating surface provides a low stress to high clamp load ratio.
  • The increased clamp load is distributed over a wider area, providing improved joint integrity when used with a hex flange nut.